CardCurios sells beautiful old things to the next generation of custodians.

I have always loved and collected old things - not necessarily valuable or perfect, but beautiful in my eyes. Operating CardCurios allows me to indulge my passion for searching for vintage treasures - so that other passionate collectors can become their new custodians.
The shop contains an eclectic collection of vintage and antique goods that I source from various parts of Australia and occasionally from other countries.
Like all vintage lovers, I get enormous satisfaction from discovering something that has been overlooked and unappreciated and that can be rescued to live another life.
Of course, it is often difficult to part with some of my finds. So it is good to know that they are going to live with someone else who will love them. As the movie star Elizabeth Taylor used to say - we are just custodians of beautiful things that will one day be enjoyed by other people.

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